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Society visit to the Mouland stable PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 November 2014 17:21

What a unique experience the 23rd May turned out to be for the members of WHHS when over thirty members and friends all met at David and Crystal Mouland’s home near Fordingbridge.

When we arrived we were greeted by the Mouland's, a welcoming refreshing beverage and a choice of several large homemade cakes supplied by Eugenie Hiscock and David’s mother Doroth. At the appointed hour there were only a few committee members and we were beginning to wonder if this was going to be another event for members that would not be supported. But no, as the morning progressed we swelled our numbers to over thirty with many making the effort and travelling long distances to witness this special day.

The Visitors Assembled

The day began with a chat from David about the schedule, as this was happening Crystal and groom Clare collected two of the eight Canadian Belgian horses (The only members of this breed in the country we believe) from their paddocks and secured them to wall rings. The Mouland team then went into action and the horses were cleaned and groomed ready for what was to follow.

Bath time 1

Bath time 2

Sets of harness were collected from a room which when you glanced in seemed to be full of leather. When both horses were dressed and checked for comfort they were taken outside to a box rides/exercise wagon. They were attached to the pole and taken to a large field. Members were invited to take their place on the back of the wagon and the ride began. We were lucky to have another heavy horse driver Martin Whittle, head horseman of Wadworth’s Brewery on site and David invited him up to the high seat to take the reins, probably the first time Martin has ever driven Canadian Belgian horses before.

air of belgians at box waggon View from box waggon

After all those who wanted to had a ride, we returned to the barn and the horses taken from the vehicle and took their place along the barn wall where they were joined by four other perfectly matched horses.

Six Belgian horses harnessed in a barn

The wagon was reversed to the back of the barn and then two more poles were brought from a room . After all the horses were groomed and harnessed by the Mouland’s very slick team. Mar-tins services were put into use and he was ushered to the high seat, not that he needed much encouragement .From the seat he was handed the reins from the wheelers then the second pole was added the swingers were harnessed to the second pole, finally the lead pair were con-nected completing the wonderful sight of six magnificent perfectly matching horses.

Team of six belgians leaving the barn

David joined Martin and took the reins, on one word of command the horses ears pricked up and the six horses moved as one, a sight to behold. The horses moved from the yard and into the field where they were driven at different paces to settle them. Once settled it was time for us punters to take a ride around the Hampshire countryside by six of the only eight Canadian Belgians in the country what a treat. I would like to thank David, Crystal and Claire for their time and all their effort in making us all so welcome.

David Mouland's team of six Belgian horses


Report and photograhs by Tony Baker. Photographs ©Tony Baker 2014


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